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Health Services

Supporting a healthy learning environment for every student

Health Services professionals support a healthy learning environment for each student by responding to students’ health needs at school, and by educating students about how to stay healthy.

Health Services employees partner with community providers, the district Enrollment Center and others to connect families and students to health care, including immunizations.

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Homebound Instruction Services

Students are expected to attend school to the fullest extent possible, but homebound instruction may be provided when a medical condition prevents them from participating in classroom instruction because they are confined to their home or a health care facility. The primary goal of homebound instruction is to allow students to continue their educational program when they are unable to attend school. Instruction is designed to meet the student’s individual needs and, when possible, is coordinated with the student’s school to ensure a smooth transition back to school.

When homebound instruction is required (MN Rule 3525.2325)

The district in which the facility is located must provide regular education, special education, or both, to a pupil or regular education student in kindergarten through grade 12 placed in a facility, or in the student's home. Educational services must be provided to a pupil or regular education student who is:

  1. prevented from attending the student's normal school site for 15 consecutive school days; or
  2. predicted to be absent from the normal school site for 15 consecutive school days according to the placing authority, such as a medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, judge, or other court-appointed authority; or
  3. health-impaired and in need of special education and predicted by the team to be absent from the normal school site for 15 intermittent school days.

If a student is unable to attend regular classes at the normal school site because of illness, injury, or placement in some type of treatment facility, the student, as classified by the homebound criteria, can be defined as a homebound student. To ensure that the student continues to make educational progress in their individual curriculum, a licensed instructor provides homebound instruction as soon as possible under treatment conditions for the student.

The referral for homebound instruction must be approved by Student Services and for students with a disability; the Individualized Education Program (IEP) must be amended to meet the student’s temporary instructional needs.

If you feel your child has a need for homebound instruction, please contact the principal or counselor at your child’s school. If you have questions about this service, please contact Student Services Coordinator Dr. Laura McLuen at or 763-391-7062.