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Strategic Plan

PCSH students smile at a debate table.

Our mission is to inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning.


  • Each student articulates, plans for, and progresses toward their evolving dreams.
  • Each student chooses to contribute to community in a mutually meaningful way.
  • Each student demonstrates initiative and persistence to continually learn that which is important to them.
  • Each student is ready for kindergarten.*
  • Each third grader can read at grade level.*
  • Each student graduates from high school.*
  • Each student is ready for college and/or career.*
  • The achievement gap is closed on all state-mandated measures.*

*MN World's Best Workforce goals


  • Create transformational system change to ensure equitable student achievement.
  • Develop understanding and support of our district’s mission and core values among members of our community.
  • Engage students and families as partners to achieve our mission and strategic objectives.
  • Leverage and align the talents of our employees and the assets of our system to achieve our mission and strategic objectives.




Core Values

We believe:

  • Lifelong learning is essential for the individual and community to thrive; 
  • Everyone has equal intrinsic value; 
  • Trust is essential to sustaining successful relationships and to achieving results; 
  • Better decisions emerge when diverse perspectives are intentionally included in a collaborative process; 
  • Everyone benefits when cultural differences are acknowledged and understood, and individuals are treated respectfully and equitably; and 
  • Everyone can learn more.