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923 Procedure: Distribution of Materials for Students


A.    “Materials” means flyers or other written materials announcing events, services or notices of meetings prepared for distribution to school students either in the form of paper copies or in electronic format. 

B.    “Non-school organizations” means private nonprofit organizations that are not school organizations. 

C.    “School organizations” means a school site council, a district wide council, or a school parent teacher organization. 


Non-School organizations may distribute flyers through the flyer distribution program only in accordance with Policy 923 – Distribution of Materials for Students and these Procedures.

For-profit organizations may not use the materials distribution program.

A.    Non-school sponsored flyers and written materials must announce events, services or notices of meetings that are:

1.    Related to healthy youth development; or

2.    Related to youth engagement or education; or

3.     Community services available to parents and families; or

4.    Special events related to family engagement in school or civic matters; or

5.    Public meetings related to family engagement in school or civic matters.

B.    Non-school flyers and written materials must meet the following requirements:

1.    May not be more than one 8 ½” x 11”page, double sided printed.

2.    Must contain a disclaimer on the front side of the page in at least ten-point type that contains the following language:

ISD 279 does not sponsor, endorse or recommend the activities announced by this flyer.  No school district funds were used to produce or copy this flyer/brochure.  

3.    Must contain information identifying the sponsoring organization or persons, with enough background and contact information to enable a parent or guardian to evaluate the event or service, including age-appropriateness, of any activity promoted.


Flyers and written materials must be submitted to the Director of Community Engagement for ISD 279 or his or her designee at least five school days prior to the date requested for distribution.  

A.    Approval or denial will be communicated within five days of the date submitted for approval. 

B.    The sponsoring organization is responsible for supplying approved materials to the designated sites.

1.    If a school has determined to distribute flyers electronically, the sponsoring organization must provide the flyer in the electronic format specified by the school.

2.    If a school has determined to distribute paper copies of flyers, the sponsoring organization must supply all copies needed.    

Revised:  6/13/17
Revised:  6/7/11
Created:  10/16/01
Revised:  2/17/98 (formerly Policy 904.1 – 10/6/98) (formerly Policy 1140)
Revised:  9/17/96
Revised:  6/20/95
Revised:  1/5/88
Created:  12/15/81

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