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923 Policy: Distribution of Materials for Students


The purpose of this policy is to provide for distribution of materials appropriate to the school setting by non-school organizations on school district property.  Distribution of materials by non-school organizations may be done in a reasonable time, place, and manner that does not disrupt the educational program or interfere with the educational objectives of the school district. 


The school district recognizes that community service organizations and other agencies provide valuable information to students and their families.  Access to students and their families through the use of materials provided by non-school organizations must be balanced with the school district’s need to protect the best interests of students and to use public resources to provide educational services.


A.    The school district will establish procedures for the distribution of materials to students from non-school organizations.

B.    School and district communications are not subject to this policy.

C.    The school district reserves the right to deny permission for the posting or distribution of materials that are not consistent with the best interests of students.

D.    School organizations may distribute materials that contain a statement on the front of the page in at least ten-point type that includes the following: Sponsored by the (insert name of school organization) of ______ School.

E.    The school district may co-sponsor events with other governmental entities such as cities or park districts.  If the school district co-sponsors events with other governmental entities, a co-sponsoring organization may distribute materials that contain a statement on the front of the page in at least ten-point type that lists the sponsors of the event.

Revised:   6/13/17
Revised:   6/7/11
Adopted:  10/16/01
Revised:  2/17/98 (formerly Policy 904.1 – 10/6/98) (formerly Policy 1140)
Revised:  9/17/96
Revised:  6/20/95
Revised:  1/5/88
Adopted:  12/15/81

Legal Reference 
Minn. Stat. S 123B.02M.S. 120B.11