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902 Policy: Use of School District Facilities and Equipment

902 Policy: Use of School District Facilities and Equipment

I.    General Statement

A.    District schools are owned by and operated for community residents and are an integral part of the community. The School Board welcomes and encourages the public use of school facilities.

B.    The School Board gives full endorsement to the District Community Education program and will cooperate in every way possible with interested community groups.

C.    District sponsored activities, which include school and Community Education, will have first priority for facility use.

D.    The right to authorize use of school facilities will be retained by the School Board through the Director of Community Education.

E.    Authorization for use of school facilities will be considered neither an endorsement nor approval of the activity, group, or organization nor the purposes they represent.

Revised: 7/17/07 
Revised: 10/16/01 
Adopted: 10/6/98 (formerly Policy 1331)
Revised: 6/4/96 
Revised: 12/20/83 
Adopted: 7/6/82

Legal References
M.S. 124D.18-124D.57 – Purpose of community education programs
M.S. 123B.51 - Schoolhouses and sites; uses for school and non-school purposes; closings

Cross References
Procedure 506 – Student Discipline
Policy 921 - Non-use of Tobacco on School Premises 
Policy 922 - Non-use of Chemicals on School Premises 
Policy 926 – Possession of Dangerous Weapons on School Property