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707 Policy: Transportation of Students

General Purpose 

The school district will provide transportation for eligible students to and from school in accordance with this policy, including Appendices A-E.

I.    The school district will set bus ridership eligibility distances that meet or fall within requirements of the State of Minnesota.

A.    The school district will provide transportation for students within eligibility distances in appropriate circumstances as determined by the transportation safety director or his or her designee.

B.    At a minimum, the school district will provide transportation for the following eligible students

1.    All Pre-K 5 elementary students who live 0.8 miles or more from school. 

2.    All middle school and high school students who live two (2) miles or more from school.

II.    The Director of Facilities and Transportation Operations will serve as the school transportation safety director. The Director of Facilities and Transportation Operations or his or her designee will oversee implementation of this policy including Appendices A-E. 

III.    The school district may deny transportation to a student who fails to demonstrate bus safety protocols. Exceptions may be made when a student’s failure to demonstrate safety protocols is a manifestation of the student’s disability.

IV.    The school district may provide transportation for academic field trips in direct support of the instructional program, transportation for the support of extracurricular and co-curricular program (e.g. athletics, music and drama) and “late bus” transportation for those students who stay for school-related activities past the normal dismissal time.  These additional services may be provided if financial resources are available.  If the school district does not arrange for extracurricular and co-curricular transportation, students who wish to participate are responsible for arranging for or providing their own transportation.

V.    Students with disabilities will be provided transportation appropriate to their individual needs in accordance with federal and state law and regulation.  Transportation of students with disabilities will be coordinated through the Student Services Department.

VI.    Buses serving students with disabilities may stop while using the 4-way hazard lights at house stops where it takes an extended period of time to load/unload the student.  At these sites, the bus is to pull onto the shoulder of the road and the student will not be allowed to cross the roadway.  Under normal conditions, the buses will use the 8-light system and stop arm.

VII.    The Director of Facilities and Transportation Operations as the designee of the Superintendent shall establish procedures to address student bus safety training, student conduct on buses and at bus stops, parent or guardian responsibilities for bus safety, school bus incident and accident reporting, bus monitor qualifications, use of Type III vehicles, operating rules, emergency procedures and equipment maintenance and inspection.

VIII.    Staff members should not provide transportation to students except in an emergency situation in accordance with authorization by the principal or Director of Facilities and Transportation Operations. If emergency transportation must be provided, two staff members must accompany the student.

Appendix A: Bus Transportation Scheduling; Bus Stop Assignment; Eligibility Distances; After and Before School Transportation

Appendix B: School Bus Safety Training

Appendix C: Student Conduct on School Buses and at Bus Stops; Parent or Guardian Responsibility for School Bus Safety

Appendix D: Reporting School Bus Accidents and Incidents; Use of Type III Vehicles; Operating Rules and Procedures; Emergency Procedures; Equipment Maintenance and Inspection

Appendix E: Cameras on School Buses

Revised:  7/31/18
Revised:  3/17/15
Revised:  5/20/14
Revised:  6/7/11
Revised:  10/15/02
Revised:  10/16/01
Adopted:  1/5/99 (formerly Policy 3810)
Revised:  2/17/98
Revised:  4/21/87
Revised:  11/15/83
Adopted:  8/15/78

Legal References
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Cross References
Policy 506 – Student Discipline
Policy 515 – Protection and Privacy of Student Records
Policy 921 – Non-Use of Tobacco on School Premises
Policy 922 – Non-Use of Chemicals on School Premises