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546 Procedure: Academic Shared Time

546 Procedure: Academic Shared Time

I.    Definitions

Students in grades K - 12 who attend nonpublic or home schools on a full time basis may participate in district academic courses on a limited basis and through shared time.

A.    Nonpublic school: A school, church or religious organization, or home school in which a child is provided instruction in compliance with section 120A.22 Subd. 4 and section 120A.24.

B.    Shared Time (students): Those students who attend public school programs for part of the regular school day and who otherwise fulfill the requirements of section 120A.22 by attendance at a nonpublic school.

II.    Enrollment Procedures

Students requesting shared-time privileges must plan to remain in attendance at their nonpublic or home school for the majority of their education.  Shared time enrollment will be limited to one-third (2 periods) of the school day.

A.    Inquiries and applications will be processed through the Enrollment Center.  Inquiries received at other district sites or offices will be referred to the Enrollment Center.

B.    Applications will be accepted from students/parents only as specified in Policy 546 – Academic Shared Time.

C.    Attendance Area – Shared time students must attend public school in their assigned K-12 attendance area. A nonpublic student may request to take courses at a school other than the school of their attendance area. The student must apply for enrollment options in the same manner as public school students (Refer to Policy 558, Enrollment Options Program).

D.    Upon receiving an inquiry, the Enrollment Center will:

1.    Send an information packet which includes necessary district enrollment forms and a copy of Policy 546 – Academic Shared Time.

2.    Document that the student is in compliance with Minnesota Compulsory Attendance law through the district home school liaison.

3.    Forward applications for District 287 secondary programs or college level courses at Hennepin Technical College to the Career and Technical Education Program Coordinator for approval.

4.    Upon receipt of the completed enrollment forms, the Enrollment Center will forward the information to the district site in which the student has been approved to attend for shared time.

III.    Communication

Specific communication about class scheduling will be conducted between the applicant and the principal or designee. In the case of a home school student, a copy of the completed application will be returned to the district home school liaison.

IV.    Participation Requirements

A.    Students granted shared-time enrollment in a specific course must have completed prerequisite course requirements.

B.    Academic shared-time enrollment will be provided only on a seat available basis. Course sections will not be added to provide additional seats. Priority for course enrollment will be given to full time public school students. Academic shared-time enrollment will be provided only in courses at regular times within the normal schedule of classes.  Class hours will not be altered to provide for shared-time enrollment.

C.    Shared-time enrollment will be limited to courses that generate shared-time foundation aid from the State of Minnesota. The list of programs, services or classes that are not eligible for foundation aid include (but may not be limited to): targeted services; study hall; online learning classes; Title I services and work-based learning.

D.    School computer and science laboratories and libraries/media centers are available for shared time students as part of a public school course taken by a shared time student.

E.    Students accepted for academic shared-time enrollment will be counted in the district system of pupil units for the purpose of generating state aid. Building principals where shared-time students are in attendance are responsible for counting the proportion of classroom time in the district's system of pupil accounting.

F.    Students participating in academic shared time are required to follow all district policies and procedures.

Revised: 12/15/20
Revised 10/21/08
Revised: 6/3/03
Created: 10/16/01(formerly Procedure 530 - 10/6/98)
Revised: 7/8/98 (formerly Procedure 5124)
Created: 5/2/89

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