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546 Policy: Academic Shared Time

546 Policy: Academic Shared Time


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and establish procedures under which nonpublic school K-12 students can participate in school district educational programs on a shared-time basis.


A. Students in grades K through 12 who attend nonpublic or home schools on a full-time basis may apply for limited academic shared-time enrollment privileges in District 279 schools. 

B. School district programs that provide instruction in core curriculum may be provided to shared-time students only at a school district location.

C. Special education and related services for nonpublic school students may be provided on a shared-time basis at a school district location, the nonpublic school or a neutral location. Determination of the location for the provision of such services should be made on a student-by-student basis, consistent with federal law and the efficient use of school district resources.

D. Subject to the provisions set forth in paragraph II B and C above, the school board and administration retain sole discretion and control over scheduling of all classes and assignment of shared-time students to classes and may limit enrollment of shared-time students participating in core curriculum classes.

Revised: 12/15/20
Revised 10/21/08
Revised: 6/3/03
Adopted: 10/16/01 (formerly Procedure 530 - 10/6/98)
Revised: 7/8/98 (formerly Procedure 5124)
Adopted: 5/2/89

Legal References 
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