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546 Policy: Academic Shared Time

I.    Students in grades K through 12 who attend nonpublic or home schools on a full-time basis may apply for limited academic shared-time enrollment privileges in District 279 schools. 

II.    Availability 

The school board and administration retain sole discretion and control over scheduling of all classes and assignment of shared time students to classes and may limit enrollment of shared-time students.

Revised 10/21/08
Revised: 6/3/03
Adopted: 10/16/01 (formerly Procedure 530 - 10/6/98)
Revised: 7/8/98 (formerly Procedure 5124)
Adopted: 5/2/89

Legal References 
M.S. 126C.01, sub.8
M.S. 120A.22, subd 4
M.S. 120A.24