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541 Policy: Chemical Use/Abuse


A.    The school board recognizes that chemical use and abuse constitutes a grave threat to the physical and mental well-being of students and employees and significantly impedes the learning process.  Chemical use and abuse also creates significant problems for society in general.  The School Board believes that the public school has a role in education, intervention and prevention of chemical use and abuse.  The purpose of this policy is to assist the school district in its goal to prevent chemical use and abuse by providing procedures for education and intervention and to maintain a safe and healthy environment for students.


A.    No student, regardless of age, may possess, use, be under the influence of, distribute, sell and/or exchange unauthorized or illegal chemical substances including but not limited to, narcotics, drugs, or other controlled substances, alcohol, or other intoxicating substances or mood-altering chemicals, drug paraphernalia or look-alike substances, or other articles that are illegal or harmful to persons or property. This prohibition also includes one student sharing a prescription medication with another. Medication prescribed by a physician must be handled in accordance with Policy 516 – Student Medication.

B.    This policy 541 - Chemical Use/Abuse applies district-wide on school property and at all school related activities, trips and functions, whether on or off school property, school bus stops, school buses, any other vehicle approved for District purposes, and the area of entrance to or departure from school premises or events for all students regardless of age.


A.    Students using, possessing and/or exchanging chemical substances in violation of this policy will be subject to consequences under Policy 506 – Student Discipline, and treated according to existing school rules, including notification of law enforcement agencies and the application of appropriate school discipline. 

B.    Students suspected of violating this policy will be referred to their school’s student assistance team which is responsible for addressing reports of chemical abuse problems and making recommendations for appropriate responses to the individual reported cases.

C.    Students presently not under the influence who disclose their use of chemicals for the purpose of obtaining help with this problem will be treated in a non-punitive way by school personnel.

D.    In the event a student receives treatment outside the District, every effort must be made to effect a successful continuation in or re-entry into the school community.

Revised:     1/16/18
Revised:     6/23/09
Revised:     2/14/04
Revised:   10/16/01
Adopted:    6/06/00 (formerly Policy 5217)
Revised:    3/22/94
Revised:    1/02/85
Revised:  11/15/83
Adopted:    3/24/81

Legal References
Federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act
M.S. 152.01 – Definitions and Schedules Controlled Substances
M.S. 152.01, Subd. 18 – Drug Paraphernalia
M.S. 121A.26
M.S. 121A.29

Cross References
Policy 502 – Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions and Student’s Person
Policy 515 – Protection and Privacy of Student Records
Policy 506 – Student Discipline
Policy 516 – Student Medication