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208 Procedure: Development, Adoption and Implementation of Policies

208 Procedure: Development, Adoption and Implementation of Policies

I.    Policy Adoption

A.    Except for policy actions to be taken on emergency measures, the adoption of School Board policies will follow this sequence which will take place minimally at two regular or special meetings of the School Board:

1.    Announcement and distribution of proposed new or revised policies as an item of information.

2.    Opportunity offered to concerned groups or individuals to react to policy proposals.

3.    Discussion and final action by the School Board on policy proposals.

B.    The final vote to adopt or not to adopt will be scheduled at least four weeks from the meeting at which policy proposals are presented for first reading

1.    Prior to enactment, all policy proposals will be titled and coded as appropriate to subject and in conformance with the codification system used for school district policies. Insofar as possible, each policy statement will be limited to one subject. Policies and amendments to policies adopted by the School Board will be attached to and made part of the minutes of the meeting at which they are adopted and will also be posted on the school district website.

2.    Policies and amendments to policies will be effective immediately upon adoption, unless a specific effective date is stated.

II.    Policy Dissemination

A.    The Superintendent is directed to establish and maintain an orderly plan for preserving and making accessible the policies adopted by the School Board and the school district procedures needed to put them into effect.

B.    Policies will be accessible to all employees of the school system, to members of the School Board, and, as much as possible, to all persons in the school district.  Policies will be posted on the school district website. 

C.    The District Policy Manual will be considered a public record and will be posted on the school district website.   

IV.    Policy Review

A.    In an effort to keep its written policies current so that they may be used consistently as a basis for School Board action and administrative decision, the School Board will review its policies on a continuing basis.

B.    The School Board will evaluate how the policies have been implemented by school district staff.  It will rely on school district staff, students, and community to provide evidence of the effect of the policies which it has adopted.

C.    The Superintendent is given the responsibility of calling the School Board's attention to all policies that are out of date or for other reasons appear to need revision.

Revised: 9/23/14
Created: 11/17/98