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Weaver Lake elementary school fourth graders take pride in water

Weaver Lake elementary school fourth graders take pride in water

Fourth grade scholars at Weaver Lake: A Science, Math & Technology School are learning about the importance of water from the book We are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom and a partnership with COMPAS, a local non-profit arts organization.

Students are not only learning more about the science of water and aquatic species but the Indigenous-led movements that are happening across the country. Each fourth grade class read We are Water Protectors before starting a hands-on project made from cardboard, paper and paints. 

“The main goal was to provide our students with an art and engineering experience that tied it with values of respecting and honoring that which gives us life: water,” said fourth grade teacher Judith Andersson. 

Andersson challenged students to create a river scene with their favorite animal. Once the students created their individual project, they were connected together to create one long river showing the importance of connecting all to water. 

This was an exciting project for students, and they were able to design their animals. Students engineered pivot points where the heads of the animals could dip their heads to reach the water. 
“The students showed great excitement each time they got to go to our Makerspace room. They were able to work with different mediums such as chalk, watercolor pencils and corrugated cardboard. Our resident artist was fantastic, and the students enjoyed learning from an expert,” Andersson concluded.