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Weaver Lake Elementary scholars explore their new STAR Lab planetarium

Weaver Lake Elementary scholars explore their new STAR Lab planetarium

All Weaver Lake Elementary School scholars spent time in the school’s new STAR Lab planetarium March 13-15, which was purchased with funds raised at their most recent fun run. 


The goal of these initial visits was to familiarize students with the STAR Lab, including how to get in and out of it and how it works, so that future visits can get right down to learning and exploration. Melissa Pedersen, Weaver Lake Elementary’s curriculum and technology integration coordinator, said the school plans to use the STAR Lab in conjunction with the district’s new Amplify science curriculum, which Weaver Lake Elementary, as a STEM school, tweaks to fit their school’s mission. 

Going forward, Pederson said all students will use the STAR Lab once per trimester as an enhancement to their value-added curriculum. Different grade levels will use the lab for different units, such as first grade’s light and sound unit, kindergarten’s moon phase lesson or third grade’s unit on Navajo and Dakota star maps. 

The first grade scholars from Erin Nehring and Emily Aanerud-Degroy’s classes found the new technology quite impressive, with many excited exclamations as they first saw the STAR Lab and when Pederson projected photos for them inside the lab.