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Students share feedback and open discussion with Superintendent McIntyre

Superintendent Cory McIntyre invited high school students to provide feedback and suggestions to Osseo Area Schools during listening sessions. In these listening sessions, students from the Osseo Area Learning Center, 279Online, Osseo and Maple Grove Senior High Schools learned more about the district and answered questions about learning, mental health, race and culture. Park Center Senior High School will be the final listening session on May 25. 

Superintendent McIntyre opened the sessions and shared that Osseo Area Schools is the fifth largest school in the state. He shared more details about his position and talked about the importance of hearing student voices. 

“For me, it is really important to hear from you on how we do in our school district as a whole,” Superintendent McIntyre said. He would then ask a series of questions for students to discuss with partners before sharing as a large group.

When students at the schools were asked questions about what they enjoyed in school, many talked about outstanding teachers who make learning fun through storytelling and interesting assignments. Students also talked about wanting less “busy work” and more preparation for real-world experiences. Mental health resources were brought up in high regards, but students asked for more support due to the growing need of services. 

Superintendent McIntyre asked students in 279Online questions about what they liked about online school and what they needed for their learning to be successful. Students shared that they valued how flexible online learning allowed them to be and how they had learned how to make time for self-care. The students felt that their teachers were focused on making everyone feel comfortable and giving them tools to be successful after high school. 

“279Online teaches you how to advocate for yourself and be independent,” senior Zoe Adkins shared. 

Students were also given the opportunity to shout out the teachers who had helped them to navigate this year and provided them with support. All of the students were quick to name multiple teachers that they had felt went above and beyond. 

“I want to give a shoutout to all of my teachers for always supporting me through my highs and lows,” junior Abdul Kabba said.