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Park Center boys basketball team recognized by Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center City Councils

Park Center boys basketball team recognized by Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center City Councils
basketball at brooklyn park and brooklyn center city councils

In recognition of the state championship victory, Mr. Basketball, and Coach of the Year awards, the Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center City Councils dedicated a day to celebrate the Park Center boys basketball team. 

Mayor Lisa Jacobson and the team’s friends and family members eagerly awaited the team's arrival at the Brooklyn Park City Hall with cake and refreshments. The Park Center Cheer Team rooted for the team as they entered the building. 

“We are excited today as a community because we have champions here at city hall. The council really wanted an opportunity to see you all, and to meet our next mayor,” Mayor Jacobson opened. 

Jacobson joked around with the students as a few took the opportunity to sit in the mayoral seat. Each city council member received a t-shirt thanking them for their time and recognition.



After spending some time talking with the Brooklyn Park City Council, students went to meet with the Brooklyn Center City Council. Mayor Mike Elliot greeted the students by reading the proclamation declaring March 26, 2022 as Park Center High School Boys Basketball Team Day, which was the day they won the state championship.

City manager Reggie Edwards recollected the time he attended one of the games against Wayzata where he was the only one representing Park Center on one side of the bleachers surrounded by the opposition. He was proud to watch the Pirates take the win. 

“This is definitely what excellence looks like. I want to congratulate you all on your victory, and what I heard from Coach is that it is not just about basketball, it is about academic excellence as well,” said Mayor Elliot.