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Park Brook Elementary School gets energized with cardio drumming

Park Brook Elementary School gets energized with cardio drumming

Music teacher Briana Barhorst is an excellent role model of health and fitness for Park Brook Elementary School. She leads an activity of cardio drumming after school to provide a chance for students to experience music in a different way. 

Barhorst has about 30 students who regularly attend cardio drumming, and she invites them to use balls, buckets and drums to make different sounds. This intense exercise reinforces lessons from music and physical education classes by bringing together dance and aerobics.

“I teach cardio drumming because it gives me a chance to work with students in a different environment than the classroom,” said Barhorst.

Barhorst has become quite knowledgeable about cardio fitness. At one point she explained how feeling an intense heartbeat at a high rate helps to clean blood streams and help students to be able to run a mile. This exercise can also help with coordination and strengthening muscle groups including arms, legs and core. 

In addition to learning about fitness, Barhorst incorporates what she knows about music. She introduces new music and is constantly working on enforcing steady beat and rhythm patterns. Cardio drumming allows her to see the developments students have made over time, while giving them a new experience. 

The students are greatly impacted by cardio drumming, and Barhorst sees the long lasting impacts it has. 

“I would recommend this activity for all schools and families,” said Barhorst.