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Osseo Education Center scholars visited by Military Memorial Display

Osseo Education Center scholars visited by Military Memorial Display

Students at the Osseo Education Center (OEC) had the opportunity to view and learn more about a military memorial display. The display featured veterans from Minnesota in various branches of the military who were killed in action.

 Each veteran had a Battlefield Cross laid out for them, including a replica of the helmet, boots and dog tag they would have worn in their branch. There were pictures of the veterans and information about them, including their birthday, where they were from, what service they were in, where they served and how they died. Many of the students noted that some of the veterans were not that much older than they are when they died. 

The students came down in small groups and were able to take their time looking at each memorial and reading each veteran’s story. They could also ask questions of the volunteer who was responsible for setting up the display and bringing it to different sites for different groups of people to see. 

Students at the OEC spent the Friday before they viewed the display, which was Veterans Day, writing and decorating cards to veterans who served and live nearby. The cards were delivered to Osseo Gardens and the Osseo American Legion.