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Edinbrook Elementary School third graders perform fall music program

At Edinbrook Elementary School, third graders recently performed their fall music program for their fellow classmates in other grades, teachers and parents/caregivers. It was the school’s first live music performance since 2019. 

The students have been rehearsing for this concert since September. The concert featured nine songs in styles ranging from swing, hoedown, a cappella, rhythm and blues and a march number complete with a kazoo band. Students took turns having featured roles on the different instruments or special singing parts at the front of the group. 

The third graders sang songs such as “We’re Making Music,” which they sang in a round with moroccos and cowbells. During the song “Tambourine Kid,” the third grade teachers even got in on the music and played the tambourines alongside their students. The third graders had fun singing and dancing to “Beat in My Feet,” “Movin' to the Beat” and “I Hear Music Everywhere.”

“It was so fun preparing for this concert with the many different types of music, and seeing the smile on the kids’ faces when they learn something new,” said Denise Martineau, music specialist at Edinbrook Elementary School.