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Brooklyn Middle STEAM School hosts eighth grade career day

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School hosts eighth grade career day

For any student wondering how their life after high school might look, Brooklyn Middle STEAM School (BMS)’s Jan. 19 career fair was the place to be. The day-long event featured nearly two dozen community presenters who shared information about numerous different career options. 

Scholars spent the first three hours of their day taking in information guest speakers shared about their careers, which included everything from a software developer, entomologist, deejay, project engineer, nurse, human resource manager, and a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Students then shared their thoughts and questions about possible careers, wrote thank you notes to the presenters, completed a career inventory, and chose different careers to explore based on what they learned from presenters and their inventory results.

A nurse gives students a quiz at the end of her presentation about the nursing profession.


Eighth grader Abdulahi Dahir, who cited the accountant who moonlights as a deejay as his favorite presenter, said the career day captured his attention and helped him think about what classes and further education he might need. 

“It helped me broaden my understanding of the world and what is possible,” he said.

Dahir also said the day helped him learn the importance of getting job experience and of asking older generations about their professions and life experiences. 

Students hold insects after an entomologist's presentation.


Shannon Comisar, the school’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) coordinator,  said the career day was planned to go hand-in-hand with the eighth graders’ senior high school registration, so they could begin to consider which electives might interest them most. 

Local community members made up the majority of the day’s presenters, and some were even parents of BMS scholars. They urged the eighth graders to keep an open mind and consider all kinds of different futures, and to prioritize their education as a main pathway towards a positive future. 

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A project manager speaks with students about his career.