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Birch Grove School for the Arts scholars meet author of “You Are Life"

Scholars at Birch Grove School for the Arts had the opportunity to meet an author recently. Each grade level visited during their allotted time slot to listen to Bao Phi read his latest book, "You Are Life."

Phi is also the author of numerous books that the students had been reading in their classes so far this school year, including “A Different Pond,” “My Footprints” and “Hello, Mandarin Duck!” In addition to reading his book, Phi talked with students about being a writer and how he goes about writing his books, basing stories off of his life experiences and things that are important to him, such as being Vietnamese in America. 

“Each book I come to very differently,” Phi told the students. 

The students had the opportunity to ask Phi questions, including how long it takes him to write a book, how he gets his ideas for books and how he works with the illustrators of the books. At the end of each session, the students waited in line to get Phi’s autograph. 

Each student received a poster to bring home with them. Additionally, Birch Grove purchased a copy of “You Are Life” for each classroom with their District 279 Grant funds. Teachers spent time with their classes after hearing Phi speak discussing any connections or thoughts that were raised by the experience.

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