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Basswood Elementary School Reading Corps Literacy Tutor helps scholars improve their reading skills

Basswood Elementary School Reading Corps Literacy Tutor helps scholars improve their reading skills

Adam Lichty has served as a Reading Corps Literacy Tutor for four years at Basswood Elementary School. In his final year of eligibility as a tutor, Lichty continues to help scholars improve their reading skills and become confident learners. 

Lichty became a Reading Corps Literacy Tutor because he had some spare time and knew that happiness comes from helping others. He likes developing relationships with the scholars. 

“I wanted to serve something beyond myself,” Lichty said. 

Having moved to Minnesota nine years ago, Lichty didn’t grow up in a diverse community and really values being able to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures and having relationships with people different than himself. He feels very comfortable at Basswood and a part of the community, and enjoys working with the building leaders, staff and scholars.

Reading Corps is a breakthrough program that is changing academic outcomes for thousands of scholars. It combines the power of national service with literacy science to deliver proven approaches that help struggling learners transform into confident scholars, which translates into all areas of their lives. Reading Corps places tutors in schools across the country to work one-on-one with students who need extra help with reading. Tutors track scholar progress and regularly meet with coaches to assess data and work toward learning targets.

“If you are interested in serving, it is a little nerve wracking at first but just dive in and you will be fine. It is very supportive and fun,” Lichty said. “If you like helping others and serving children and communities, go for it and just do it. The support will be there if you have the time and put in the effort.” 

In a typical day, Lichty conducts reading assessments with scholars in grades kindergarten through third. Depending on the scholar’s grade and reading level they are at, the tutors have various interventions they do with each student. In addition to the reading assessments, Lichty works with nine scholars for 20 minutes each day one-on-one, which allows him to develop a bond and trust with each scholar.

A highlight that stands out to Lichty is one of the scholars he was working with as a kindergartener four years ago. He was helping her with basic phonics and literacy skills and she was struggling yet enthusiastic and open to learning. He was able to refer her to get extra help with reading and then, four years later, he worked with her again during assessments and discovered she was reading above grade level. 

“Having the parents come up to us and express their gratitude is really fulfilling. It is why you do the job,” Lichty said.

In his free time Lichty enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, watching horror movies, reading, skateboarding and traveling. 

To learn more about Reading Corps Literacy Tutors, visit their website.