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279Online teacher Alejandra Colosimo partners with Walker Art Center for interactive exploratory session

(Art by Fallon Ray 5th Grade)
Alejandra Colosimo is an ESP teacher for fourth and fifth grade students attending 279Online. Colosimo has a degree in art education and is finding ways to incorporate her experience to encourage students to reach new creative heights. 
“I believe that art is extremely valuable and I was so excited to take on this fun exploratory block! Since starting my exploratory lessons with my students, I have seen first-hand the value and importance of art through online learning,” Colosimo said. 
At least 20 eager students join her online exploratory session. Colosimo noticed students were excited to share their own experiences with art at home, so she took the opportunity to expand lessons to encourage students individually. Colosimo collaborated with the Walker Art Center to lead a virtual tour during the week of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
“In every lesson I give, I make it a priority to know and uplift my students' cultures and diverse backgrounds so that they may see themselves in what we create,” said Colosimo.

Lead educator at the Walker Art Center, Lauren Bina shared a presentation celebrating Black contemporary artists. Many other educators from the Walker Art Center and one of the featured artists joined the class to share more about Minnesota’s world-class contemporary museum.  
“So these artworks are just a very small sample of the many, many major contributions Black artists have made to the art world, and we hope that they will inspire you to learn more and explore more on your own,” said Bina.
Students were excited to learn more, and they were excited to answer questions about artists, styles and history. Colosimo had a full heart after the field trip and looks forward to doing this type of work in the future. 
“I hope there could be a future for art education with our Elementary 279Online. I believe and I'm confident that all 363 of our students would benefit from art exploration.”