OsseoKirchSenior High staff, students, and boosters will long remember the extraordinary efforts they made as hosts of the state football semifinals last November, when our area had freezing temps and unexpected snowfall. With shovels in hand and Osseo Pride fueling their efforts, staff, students and boosters prepared the stadium so the semifinals could take place as planned.

Now, in addition to their memories, they have official recognition from the Minnesota State High School League. The League specifically recognized Activities Coordinator Ray Kirch and his staff and volunteers, honoring “not only a job well done, but a job carried out with a great attitude. The only goal was to give their very best to clean the field, bleachers, parking lots, etc. and to host these games in the best way possible. … The Osseo School Board, your School District, and the entire Osseo community can be proud of your staff, their efforts and the great attitude they displayed."


Letter from MSHSL

-Published Feb. 11, 2015