ActSixAll horiz

Four Osseo Senior High students and six Park Center Senior High students are in the running to become Act Six Scholars and receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend their choice of Augsburg College, Bethel University or University of Northwestern St. Paul. During this phase of the selection process, Osseo students Johnson Davis, Bashiru Kormah, Nathan Limmer, Carter Eich and Park Center students Nathaniel Akouete, Sofia Bello Morales, John Gadner, Rene'e Ruddock, Jessica Thao and Serena Xiong will join more than 150 candidates to participate in a half-day interactive event where they will demonstrate their academic and emerging urban and community leadership potential while working together to address a complex community issue. Based on performance, semifinalists will be selected to continue on in the selection process with the final selection of 20-30 student to be made in March. 


(PHOTO FAR LEFT: Johnson Davis, Bashiru Kormah, Nathan Limmer. PHOTO TOP RIGHT: Serena Xiong, Sofia Bellow Morales, Jessica thao, Nathaniel Akouete. PHOTOS BOTTOM RIGHT: Rene'e Ruddock, John Gardner)

-Published Dec. 9, 2014