PL50Palmer Lake Elementary recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with an open house where current and former students and staff gathered to reminisce and celebrate a lifetime of learning inspired within the walls of the school. 

Some of the memories shared at the open house include:

  • The cafeteria wasn’t operational for much of the first year, so students ate in their classrooms every day.
  • During the first few years, teachers took their students on long walkabouts around the acreage surrounding the school as there were no houses built at that time.
  • One former student (now an adult), returned, determined to, “face the demon that has haunted him for year,” and demanded to climb the rope in the gym. Staff obliged, and he climbed it.
  • Staff used to have parties in the nearby potato fields (Fridays after school).
  • One attendee claims he got his first kiss in Ms. Skolnick’s room (years ago, not at the open house party.)

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-Published Sept. 25, 2014