The 2014 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment results for Osseo Area Schools showed that student proficiency in math, reading and science is holding steady overall. Among nine categories with at least 100 students, the change from the previous year’s scores ranged from a decrease of –0.3% to an increase of 4.0%.

Three student groups saw increases of one or more percentage points in at least two of the subjects tested. Low income (eligible for free or reduced-price meals) students increased their proficiency by more than 2% in both math and reading. This is a large group that includes 41% of the district's students. Asian students increased proficiency by 2.3% in math,  4.0% in reading, and 4.2% in science. Hispanic students increased proficiency by 1.8% in math and 3.1% in reading.

The MCAs are one of the ways the state measures student achievement. At the end of September, the state will release additional indicators that show how schools are doing to accelerate student growth, close the achievement gap on all measures, and improve graduation rates. The new World’s Best Workforce legislation supports continued progress in those areas, along with ensuring that students are well prepared for kindergarten; read at grade level by grade three; and are college/career ready. Test results and other data are also used by schools to develop continuous improvement plans.

-Published Aug. 26, 2014