bms tree plantingOn May 24, 325 Brooklyn Middle STEAM School seventh-graders gave back to their school community and helped create additional green space by planting more than 50 trees. Students were able to spend more time outside with nature, learn about forests, and build a long-term outdoor learning environment that students can study (and appreciate) for years to come. Research shows children who spend more time outside see a greater connection and commitment to the community.

Osseo Area Schools Superintendent Kate Maguire, Brooklyn Middle Principal Kim Monette, Tree Trust Community Forestry Director Karen Zumach, and Brooklyn Park Mayor Jeff Lunde, among others, attended a dedication ceremony of the trees on May 25 to honor the work of students and recognize the support of community partners. 

This opportunity was made possible through Osseo Area Schools' strong partnership with Tree Trust, a local organization committed to planting forests throughout the Twin Cities and hiring youth and young adults, and through a grant from the U.S. Forest Service and the Xcel Energy Foundation. This grant also supports professional development activities to prepare middle school teachers to develop lesson plans related to the trees and life sciences with an interdisciplinary focus. 

PHOTO: Students were able to name their tree after planting it on May 24. This group of Brooklyn Middle STEAM students stands next to their recently planted tree, "Timber."

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