destination imaginationMore than 20 teams of elementary, middle and high school students from Osseo Area Schools competed in the Destination Imagination (DI) Regional Tournament at Maple Grove Senior High on Feb. 18. When the results were tallied, 11 teams consisting of 56 students recorded first or second place finishes in their respective divisions (elementary, middle or secondary) and qualified for the state tournament on April 22.

Teams competing at regionals worked since early November to create a solution to the challenges put forth to them by DI. From STEM to improvisation to visual arts skills, each challenge is open-ended and enables student teams to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation. Throughout the process, students also learn important skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, citizenship and courage.

The secondary level (high school) team of DIdeas Keep on Comin’ was also recognized with a DaVinci Award for Outstanding Creativity.

Teams that earned first or second place regional honors are:

Rush Creek Elementary

  • First place for Improvisation; team “D’Ice Cream is Yummy” (Wyatt Bjugstad, Megan Holmgren, Bella Lewis, Sophie Negrete, Jazzy Tew, and Katherine Bearce)
  • Second place for Scientific; team “Manly People” (Thomas Botkin, Cecilia DeOliviera, Jack Faatz, Elliot Hibbard, Brayden Kaiser and Kat Klopotek)

Both teams are coached by Laura Thompson, Liz Botkin, Chris Klopotek and Rebecca Faatz.

Brooklyn Middle School

  • First place for Scientific; team “DMA Girls” (Abby Battan, Katie Knox and Grace Seifert)

The team is coached by Shannon Comisar.

Maple Grove Middle School

  • First place for Fine Arts; team “Dreamers” (Anna Armbruster, Debbie Gouchola, Grace LaTourelle, Lydia Moser, Adella Mulawarman, Sammy Swensson and Lorelei Wilson)
  • Second place for Fine Arts; team “Cookie Monster” (Sloane Fischer, Julia Humphrey, Gracie Kermisch, Isabella Krook, Savannah Krull, Alena Meier and Leah Muscatello)
  • Second place for Improvisation; team “Fantabulous Five” (Faith Hagen, Jordan Hanley, Sophia Novak-Cady, Carly Wingness and Kaylee Wingness)

The teams are coached by Jody Kinneberg, Lucas Pedersen and Haley Travis-Eull.

Osseo Middle School

  • First place for Engineering; team “Code Blue” (Tabi Fiedler, Michael Heim, Philena Porte and Hannah Schmeling)
  • Second place for Scientific; team “Sleep Deprivation” (Emily Aanose, Dapree Christlieb-Peterson, Cody Kostelecky, Ruby Miller, Olivia Novak and Nya Ramsey)
  • Second place for Technical; team “Cornbreads” (Maddie Dehn, Grace Heinecke, Evan Molinaro, Gabe Perkins and Reese Plaude)

Osseo Middle’s teams are coached by Heidi Schwedler and Shannon Sinkel.

Maple Grove Senior and Osseo Senior

  • First place for Fine Arts; team "DIdeas Keep on Comin’" (Erin Besser, Jess Bray, Adamson Novak, James Pipkin and Emma Thomas)
  • Second place for Fine Arts; team “Tad Mad Minus 2” (Ebony Cox, Starr Nguyen and Leah Yanko)

These teams are coached by Jody Kinneberg.

PHOTO: Team "Dreamers" from Maple Grove Middle School won first place at the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament in the Fine Arts category on Feb. 18. Check out more team photos on Facebook.