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Pre-kindergartners at Woodland Elementary will stay a little warmer this winter, thanks to the gift of one-of-a-kind, handmade quilts delivered by third grade teacher Jeanne Heer.

While Heer doesn’t make the quilts herself, it’s her childhood connection that first set the idea in motion.

“Wee Quilts are a gift from Angie Bork, an energetic senior who devotes her time, talents and materials to make them,” Heer said. “I grew up in Winona and went to school with Angie’s kids. When I went to visit this summer, Angie told me all about her Wee Quilts. She has given them to many kids in and around the Milwaukee area [where she lives]. When she found out that Woodland had a 4- and 5-year old program, she offered to make quilts for them, too.”

Comprised of a variety of patterns and an array of bright hues, the Wee Quilts are meant to show each pre-kindergartner that he or she is loved and supported, added Heer.

“These quilts include many patterns that inspire conversation and enrich language development,” she said. “Each quilt is different and unique, just like the children who receive them.”

Because Bork doesn’t travel anymore, Heer offered to present the nearly 60 quilts to Woodland’s pre-kindergartners on her behalf earlier this month. Watch the Channel 12 news segment to see a Wee Quilts presentation.