EC kindness post it notes webStudents and staff at Elm Creek Elementary wrapped up Bullying Prevention Awareness Month in October by partnering with Minnesota’s 3M Corporation to promote kindness in a new way.

Building on the momentum of the Kindness in Chalk and Unity Day initiatives, Elm Creek Principal Beth Ness and Resource Manager Lita Davis worked with 3M to launch a school-wide Kindness in Post-it® Notes event.

After securing a donation of more than 1,000 brightly colored Post-it® Notes, Ness presented the kindness initiative to her staff. The event was two-fold: first, teachers at Elm Creek would write positive affirmations on Post-it® Notes and secretly place them on their students’ desks. Then, students were tasked with writing positive affirmations for their peers in other classrooms and secretly delivering them when those students were at lunch or recess. In both instances, students responded to the kind notes with a mixture of surprise, joy and excitement.

Melissa Uecker and Melissa Elias, Elm Creek teachers who are also staff advisors to the school’s Student Council, helped introduce and coordinate the Kindness in Post-it® Notes effort.

“It really gets them [students] to think about their actions,” Uecker said. “We’re hoping that it resonates with them how it feels when they do something good for others and when they’re kind to others.”  

Ness echoed those sentiments and said she values the unique opportunity students had to participate in this event.


“It was very special for our students to be able to pay it forward through kindness and positive affirmations,” she added. “We’re fortunate to have a Minnesota-based company like 3M to support our anti-bullying efforts at Elm Creek. It’s been a great partnership!”

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