AP art classMaple Grove Senior High AP Studio Art students participated in the Memory Project, a global art-sharing and fundraising venture. The students received photos of kids from Ethiopia and were asked to make an artist portrait of the child’s photograph. 

The Memory Project raised approximately $4,000 for children’s education in Ethiopia and with the help of the talents and creativity of artists, including MGSH students, the children in Ethiopia also experienced joy in receiving such a unique and personal piece of artwork. 

“I saw this as an exciting opportunity to teach students that art should not only communicate a message and elicit emotion but is even more exciting when it includes the audience and allows for connections to be made throughout our community and beyond,” said Chad Manders, Osseo Senior High art teacher. “Our students were able to contribute to the global community and expand their learning as they shared their talents and passion with someone they’ve never met on the opposite side of the world. Through this world-community connection, my students truly felt the impact their work played in the lives of kids who don’t have the same privileges as they do.” 

Manders hopes the experience inspires his students to continue to promote and create their art with a community connection in mind.

Video of art being delivered to students in Ethiopia (featuring MGSH students)