oalc logoOsseo Area Learning Center students walked away with five top 4 finishes at the 2016 Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs Success, Teamwork, Achievement, Recognition & Self-esteem (MAAP STARS) state conference.

Cindy Jaquez-Huerta earned first place in Career Portfolio and second place in Job Manual. Belicia Rodriguez earned first place in Employment Interview and second place in Public Speaking. Des Henry earned fourth place in Public Speaking.

MAAP STARS is a broad-based vocational youth program for students attending alternative schools in Minnesota. This two-day conference gives students the opportunity to showcase their skills in the Minnesota Standards, along with their artistic, career and life skills. Students compete as individuals and/or in teams in competitive events and are evaluated by business leaders. Students can compete in 16 different events. Categories include: Workplace Relations, Parent Decision Making, Management Decision Making, Video Promotion, Art Display, Employment Interview and more. The events are designed to focus on skills needed for today’s workplace, with the emphasis on teamwork and problem solving.

Additional awards include:


Career Portfolio: Cindy Jaquez-Huerta

Employment Interview: Belicia Rodriguez

LifeSmarts: Des Henry, Courtney Johnson, Jemaria Scates and Eric Weems

Parent Decision Making Team A: Des Henry, Cindy Jaquez-Huerta, Courtney Johnson, and Belicia Rodriguez

Public Speaking: Des Henry and Belicia Rodriguez

Team Video Promotion B: Des Henry and Courtney Johnson

BRONZE RIBBONS                                                                           

Employment Interview: Courtney Johnson, Jemaria Scates and Eric Weems                    

Management Decision Making: Courtney Johnson, Belicia Rodriguez and Tenecia Weems

Parent Decision Making Team B: Eric Weems and Tenecia Weems

Parent Decision Making Team C: Emani Hernandez, Chyna Larae Weems

Workplace Relations: Cindy Jaquez- Huerta


Emani Hernandez, Jemaria Scates and Chyna Larae Weems


Des Henry