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Teachers of Color Mentor Program

Join the next generation of educators of color

As an educator of color in Osseo Area Schools, you have the opportunity to participate in the Teachers of Color Mentor Program where you will be supported and given tools to help you in your journey, including:

  • A positive and lasting relationship with an experienced educator of color who can provide advice, answer questions and help you be successful in the classroom.
  • Customizable learning in areas that are valuable to you, such as teaching pedagogy, leadership, models of racial identity, and more.
  • A strong community of professionals who come from similar life experiences and are all interested in participants’ well-being and happiness in their new positions.
  • Support on how to work with administrative teams in order to build a positive school culture that values racial diversity.
  • Individualized coaching and one-on-one peer support.

Main Contact

Susan Hang
Recruitment & Retention Manager