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Equipment Repair & Maintenance Specialist - Nutrition Services

Equipment Repair & Maintenance Specialist - Nutrition Services

Position Type:
  Food Services/School Nutrition

Date Posted:

  Educational Service Center

Job Summary:  Performs skilled and technical work in maintaining, repairing and replacing the school district's food service processing, preparation, cooking and sanitation equipment.  Conducts site visits to determine and address equipment needs.  This position will be responsible for performing this type of work at 26 kitchen sites throughout the school district. 

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Essential duties and responsibilities  

Ensures seamless operations by:

  • Performing electrical, plumbing and mechanical repairs on but not limited to professional kitchen equipment.
  • Troubleshooting the operational failure of electrical and mechanical equipment, including but not limited to steamers, steam jacket kettles, tilt skillets, convection ovens, combi ovens, mixers, fryers, food processing equipment, freezers, grilles, ventilation hoods, steam tables, garbage disposals, hot holding equipment, dishwashers, water softeners, ventilation, refrigeration, electrical and pneumatic controls. 
  • Recommending the repairs and/or replacement of equipment to supervisors.
  • Maintaining materials, tools and manuals as needed.
  • Performing maintenance and cleaning of kitchen drain.
  • Developing and maintaining professional relationships and communication with school kitchen managers.
  • Developing and maintaining professional relationships with other departments, vendors, reps and manufacturers as necessary.
  • Managing yearly repairs, maintenance and replacement budget determined by the Foodservice Director. 
  • Significant knowledge of applicable specifications, laws and regulations regarding foodservice establishments from an equipment and facilities point of view.
  • Training kitchen staff on the use of equipment as needed.
  • Managing and prioritizing work orders submitted by district kitchen managers.
  • Planning and preforming preventative maintenance tasks.
  • Responding to refrigeration emergencies outside of regular work hours as necessary.

Ensures equipment repairs, purchases and projects are within budget by:

  • Planning, coordinating, overseeing and performing kitchen construction projects when needed, to include but not limited to dishwasher installations, walk-in cooler / freezer replacements, new construction, and other equipment replacement. 
  • Obtaining relevant equipment specifications and budget pricing from vendors when needed.
  • Organizing equipment and project specifications and working with the Foodservice Coordinator in acquiring quotes and requests for pricing.
  • Scheduling outside repair and maintenance vendors when needed to preform work while staying within the yearly budget.

Completing other duties as assigned by:

  • Performing other comparable duties of a like or similar nature as assigned.

Education / Knowledge Requirement:  High school diploma or GED

Education / Knowledge Preferred:

Vocational training in commercial foodservice equipment repair and maintenance. HVAC, Electrical and plumbing training desirable.

2 year maintenance / electrical trade degree or type 2 universal preferred.

Essential knowledge and specialized subject knowledge required to perform the essential functions of the job:

  • Word processing, database maintenance, spreadsheet creation and use of presentational graphic programs or other office productivity software; familiarity with web content management systems.
  • Understanding burner control sequences, pumps and dampers.
  • Operating electrical and mechanical equipment, including but not limited to steamers, steam jacket kettles, tilt skillets, convection ovens, combi ovens, mixers, food processing equipment, freezers, grills, ventilation hoods, steam tables, hot holding equipment, dishwashers, water softeners.

Skilled in:

  • Timely and appropriate communication
  • Customer service and communication with people of diverse educational, cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, including: staff, public, representatives of other organizations, and others.
  • Prioritizing, planning and managing multiple projects, and assignments, often simultaneously, in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment with efficiency, precision and accuracy.
  • Examining new approaches and methods, initiating action, and rendering recommendations.
  • Analyzing tasks, producing detailed plans, and evaluating the effectiveness of processes.
  • Researching, compiling, analyzing, and preparing information and data; generating reports.
  • Applying basic math skills in adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, calculating percentages, ratios, averages or percentiles.
  • Developing, monitoring, and analyzing budgets; coordinating resources to accomplish objectives on time and within budget.
  • Performing all assigned functions with minimal direction in accordance with established management, departmental operations, and work methods.

Licenses/certification required upon hiring:
Refrigeration certification (EPA 1992)
Job Type:
 Full-time w/benefits

Bargain Unit:  Salaried Professionals

Salary Range:  Per Contract, $59,850 to $71,225

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