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Why is a new elementary school part of the Phase II plan?

Why is a new elementary school part of the Phase II plan?

Rapid growth and development in the northwest corner of our district has caused growing pains in schools around that area. Building a new school in the geographical area that needs it would ultimately reduce the number of students who would need to move schools to address space shortages.      

building a better future vote
  • Projects to improve safety/security would not proceed.
  • Crowded conditions and large class sizes would continue. Attendance boundary adjustments would be required at all levels to provide relief, which is estimated to move 6,000 students from their current schools. 
  • Learning spaces would continue to age and become less relevant. 
  • Inconsistent learning experiences would continue.
  • Budget cuts would be required. Projected to be at least $31 million (approx. 300 jobs).
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Our district has been committed to investing in our school buildings in an equitable manner. Investments by city from 2018 to today, including proposed Building a Better Future, Phase II projects, shows that Brooklyn Park will receive about $2 million more than Maple Grove if voters approve (Maple Grove 41.6% of dollars, Brooklyn Park 42.5% of dollars).

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No. Phase I in 2022 was for operating and technology levies. Those dollars have to be used for their designated purpose, which includes day-to-day learning operations (mainly staffing), teaching and learning materials and technology tools. 

The funding that was provided by the state last legislative session is also not to be used to address school building needs.  

Local taxpayers are responsible for funding school building renovations and construction. 

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Yes. The district has owned property in the northwest Maple Grove since 2008. Today, this is the northwest corner of 101st Ave N and Troy Lane. 

Enrollment trends were expected to grow when the land was purchased. That expected growth is being seen and experienced in our schools today. 

An elementary school can only be constructed at this location if voters approve the Phase II plan.

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