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What will voters see on the ballot?

What will voters see on the ballot?

This is how the Phase II question will appear on the ballot: 

School District Question
Approval of School Building Bonds

Shall the board of Independent School District No. 279 (Osseo Area Schools), Minnesota be
authorized to issue general obligation school building bonds in an amount not to exceed
$223,225,000 for acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities including, but not limited

  • Safety and security improvements at all schools;
  • Career and technical education space renovations at all high schools;
  • Science, technology, engineering, arts and math space renovations at all magnet schools;
  • Classroom renovations for special education, gifted/talented and multilingual learners, at all schools;
  • New furniture and flexible learning spaces added throughout all schools;
  • Library media center renovations at all schools;
  • Outdoor classrooms added to all elementary and middle schools currently without;
  • Construction of a new elementary school, and an addition onto Maple Grove Senior High School, to address student population growth; and
  • The repurposing of an elementary school for Community Education programming from early childhood through adult?


building a better future vote
  • Projects to improve safety/security would not proceed.
  • Crowded conditions and large class sizes would continue. Attendance boundary adjustments would be required at all levels to provide relief, which is estimated to move 6,000 students from their current schools. 
  • Learning spaces would continue to age and become less relevant. 
  • Inconsistent learning experiences would continue.
  • Budget cuts would be required. Projected to be at least $31 million (approx. 300 jobs).
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Last year’s community-approved technology levy funded the technology needed for safety/security improvements at district schools. The Phase II plan, if approved by voters, would address safety/security needs in relation to the physical school buildings. This includes improvements to the entrances at high schools and additional safety/security enhancements at all schools in order to meet district standards as well as the latest safety/security best practices. 

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Building a Better Future, Phase II, builds upon the work already started in Phase I and the district’s new strategic plan. These are the school building improvements that would continue that forward movement. Note: These proposed projects were determined through a multi-year research process that involved students, staff, families and community members.

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At its Jan. 10 work session, board members heard from various study groups on their facility needs findings throughout the district. The teams were: Enrollment and Capacity Management Advisory Committee, Furniture and Next Generation Learning Space, Career/Technical Education, Community Education, Specialized Services, and Magnet Schools. Visit the school board document page for each group's in-depth research

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