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What did study groups take a look at with regard to school building needs?

What did study groups take a look at with regard to school building needs?

Seven study groups looked at school building needs. Staff, families and community members have been involved in much of this work. In-depth documents of each group's research can be found on the Jan. 10 school board work session page of the district website. A short summary of each group's work is as follows: 

  • The Enrollment and Capacity Management Advisory Committee has continued to study student enrollment, capacity and building use. The group has found that there is significant growth in portions of the district. Future housing and redevelopment are expected in these same areas. There are also some district facilities that are under capacity and in need of being addressed. 

  • The Furniture and Next Generation Learning Space groups studied furniture needs that would be best suited and adaptable to today’s learning needs. They found that districtwide media center and classroom improvements are required to meet these learning needs. 

  • The Career/Technical Education group looked at expansions to career/technical education classes at each of the comprehensive high schools and the Osseo Area Learning Center. In January of 2022, the board approved nine specialty strands created  from the group’s research. Facility adjustments and additional space are needed to continue building these learning paths.

  • The Community Education group looked at maximizing the use of space for Community Education programming and community needs requested through the facility use process. The group found that dedicating an entire building(s) to Community Education programming, and adding space for early education and areas frequently requested for community use, are required to meet these needs. 

  • The Specialized Services group looked at learning needs for special education, gifted and talented and English learner programs. The group found that adjusting classrooms, dedicating areas for specialized purposes and enabling flexibility of these areas are required to meet the learning needs of these programs.  

  • The Magnet Schools group looked at current magnet programming – science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) and health – and pathways that could potentially be added. The group found that dedicating areas for specialized purposes and adding space are required to meet the learning needs in these areas. 

An Oversight Task Force reviewed these details, prioritized them and made final recommendations to then Superintendent McIntyre, who shared his final recommendations to the board on April 25, 2024

building a better future vote

Building a Better Future will be adding outdoor classrooms to remaining elementary and middle schools. Currently there are outdoor classrooms at Zanewood Community: A STEAM School, Rice Lake Elementary School and Brooklyn Middle STEAM School. 

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School uses their outdoor classroom all year long, including for science, math, English, art and physical education classes. They've also invited in special guest speakers and held community meetings and schoolwide celebrations in the space.

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The safety and security of our students, staff and community is the highest priority of the district. The approved technology levy is funding the technology needed for safety and security improvements at district schools. The bond will be addressing safety and security needs in relation to the physical school buildings. This includes improvements to the entrances at Maple Grove, Osseo and Park Center Senior High Schools and additional safety/security enhancements at all schools in order to meet district standards as well as the latest safety/security best practices. 

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