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What happens if the ballot question is not approved by voters?

What happens if the ballot question is not approved by voters?

If the ballot question is not approved by voters:  

  • School building projects to improve safety/security would not proceed.
  • Crowded conditions and large class sizes would continue. Attendance boundary adjustments would be required at the elementary, middle and high school levels to provide relief, which is estimated to move 6,000 students from their current schools. Such changes would be recurring because of continually growing student enrollment, resulting in increased service costs and longer bus rides.
  • School buildings and learning spaces would continue to age and become less relevant. This would limit learning resources demanded by our students and families, particularly in math, science and career learning spaces, specialized learning spaces and library media centers.
  • Inconsistent learning experiences would continue.
  • Budget cuts would be required. These cuts are projected to be at least $31 million or approximately 300 jobs.

building a better future vote

More students are a part of our specialized learning programs. A study determined that additional space is needed to accommodate this growth and any existing spaces need to be adjusted to accommodate unique learning needs. Right now there are many instances where dedicated space doesn’t exist so students are moved from room to room throughout the day. Additionally, spaces created in the 1950s and ‘60s aren’t equipped to handle the unique learning needs of our students. 

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Our district has been committed to investing in our school buildings in an equitable manner. Investments by city from 2018 to today, including proposed Building a Better Future, Phase II projects, shows that Brooklyn Park will receive about $2 million more than Maple Grove if voters approve (Maple Grove 41.6% of dollars, Brooklyn Park 42.5% of dollars).

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Building a Better Future, Phase II, builds upon the work already started in Phase I and the district’s new strategic plan. These are the school building improvements that would continue that forward movement. Note: These proposed projects were determined through a multi-year research process that involved students, staff, families and community members.

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